Let's help others
together this Christmas.

As a gift to you, this year we would like to make a donation in your name.
We will gift a total of €5,000, spread amongst the top three most voted charities.
Keep taking care of yourselves and others!

Let's help each other this Christmas

Taking care of each other is more important than ever. Since we can't deliver a present to your office this year,
our gift is a contribution to the organisation of your choice. We will donate a total of €5,000 amongst the three charities with the most votes. A very Merry Christmas, from Marino!

We need your details so we can register your vote,
and update you on the results and final donations.

Submissions are open until December 23rd.

We received your vote, Thank You!

We received your vote, and we will contact you with an update on the donations and who they go to.
In the meantime, here's some festive backgrounds we made for you to enjoy on your video calls this season! Happy Christmas!

Download backgrounds

Background #1 - Starry tree

Background #2- Juniper Christmas

Background #3 - Snowy Christmas

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Thanks to everyone who took part. Voting is now closed.
You can download our festive backgrounds here.