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Our iOS App Developers

We don't just build apps, we do much more

Secure, Quality software

Security and quality are central throughout our software development lifecycle rather than distinct phases so you can have peace of mind right out of the box.

Emerging and Trending Technology

From Machine Learning, IoT or Blockchain to voice, wearables and AR our experts bring the latest techology, cloud services and device capabilities so you can get ahead of the competition.

Expert Technical Consultancy

Working in partnership with your technical experts, architects and other stakeholders so you can have our development knowledge and experience on your side at every stage of the project.

Continuous Development

We build our software for the long term so you can maintain, iterate or evolve as the needs of your business and your customers change.

What are you looking for?

Here’s our main software development services

iOS App Development

From your app strategy to launch on the App Store and beyond your iOS app project is in safe hands.

We build for

Android App Development

We ensure we are up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices, so you can be sure your Android app is of the highest quality.

We build for

  • Android Phones, Tablets & Chromebook

  • Wear OS Watches & Android TV

  • AR Apps (ARCore)

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Web & Server Development

We build resilient bespoke web apps for the latest versions of all major web browsers. From secure, scalable web servers to cloud infrastructure.

We build

  • Custom Web Interfaces
    & Admin Dashboards

  • API Servers, Cloud Infrastructure 

    & Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Google Assistant (Home), 

    Amazon Alexa Apps & Chatbots

With our help you will

Modernise, add new features, iterate

Integrate your software with anything you need

Make your feature ideas and requirements a reality

Monitor your product's performance

Bring your existing product to new platforms

Deploy and mantain your server

"Marino's team guided us through the process, they deliver, no matter the job. Very clear from the outset on the benefits of different approaches to delivery on the app side - like native vs hybrid".

- iOS app development customer

Security & Compliance

What could you do?

  • Prevent Online Fraud

  • Reduce risk of a security breach

  • Authenticate users with face, fingerprint or eyes

  • Allow users to access with their social media accounts

  • Protect sensitive information such as company data and users privacy

Our capabilities

  • Security audits and testing

  • Threat assessments

  • ID & V integration

  • On device and cloud machine learning development

  • Biometric login

  • AML and KYC compliance

  • PSD2 compliance

  • IDP integration

  • SAML / SSO integration

  • OAuth integration

Deployment & Operations (DevOps)

What could you do?

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Our capabilities

  • Automated code pipelines

  • Continuous integration

  • Cloud infrastructure

  • DevOps

  • App monitoring

  • Dev Support

  • App Store submission

Expert Technical Consultancy

What could you do?

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Our capabilities

  • Systems and business analysis

  • Systems architecture

  • Technical consultancy

  • Mobile app architecture

  • Dev team mentoring and coaching

  • Guidance on emerging technology trends

  • R&D


What could you do?

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Our capabilities

  • E-commerce and payments

  • Authentication and Authorisation

  • Location, proximity beacons and mapping

  • CMS

  • Push notifications

  • Analytics

  • Customer segmentation

  • Logging and monitoring

  • Firebase services

  • AWS Services

Full Service Software Development

Power up your business and growth platforms — you’ll have every aspect of software development covered with bulletproof security, cloud integration and world-class support.

What could you do?

  • Bring your existing app to new platforms

  • Modernise, add new features, iterate

  • Manage your app lifecycle

  • Monitor performance

  • Integrate your software with anything you need

  • Deploy and maintain your server

Our capabilities

  • Android & iOS app development

  • Web & Mobile web and hybrid app development

  • Wearables, Voice & TV

  • On device and cloud machine learning development

  • Cloud & server side development

  • API development and integration

  • Mobile app back end development

  • Port an existing app to new platforms

  • App maintenance and monitoring

Emerging and Trending Technology

We’re facing the future. So you can evolve. Transform your landscape with competitive advantage — you’ll have special access and insights into emerging tech across data science, internet of things and machine learning.

What could you do?

  • Be ahead of the competition

  • Build AI / Smart software

  • Get users to interact in new ways like voice

  • Build Conversational interfaces

  • Create augmented and virtual reality experiences

  • Build connected (IoT) products

Our capabilities

  • On-device Machine Learning

  • Cloud-based Machine Learning

  • Voice applications

  • Voice assistant integration

  • Watch apps

  • Augmented Reality (AR)

  • Beacons

  • Blockchain

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"Marino Software have been an incredible partner and trusted source of help for us over these years. Their skill set spans everything software related and they are all around great folks. Massive tech talent and great people!!"

- T J Marbois, CTO Vero

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