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Everything your customers could wish for in a self-care solution

Built for your customer, based on real customer research and testing, TelcoGenie is a cost-effective self-care solution that allows you to reduce operational support costs while improving your customer experience.

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Telcogenie image - telecom self-care solution by Marino Software

We know what telco customers
are wishing for.

Allowing your customers to get the right answer fast

Whether simply checking their balance or raising an issue, we have design and tested with real customers to realise the best possible customer journeys

  • iOS and Android native apps to enable best possible user experience.
  • Telco grade meeting ISO compliance and security requirements.
  • Low cost entry to feature rich platform
  • Fast deployment – integration focused
Telcogenie app - telecom self-care solution by Marino Software

Feature Rich

From day one, you will have access to the set of rich features that your customers want. It will allow you to drive down customer support costs, grow revenue and increase the overall customer experience.

Fast deployment

Our platform is ready so we just need to focus on integration tasks to the third party systems you may have.

Data Insights

Gain valuable insights into your customer with our analytics reporting engine, understanding interactions that your customer has and continuously improving their experience.

“I need to know where I’m at at a glance”
Telcogenie - telecom self-care solution by Marino Software

iOS and Android native apps to enable best possible user experience. A telco grade platform meeting ISO compliance and security requirements.

Release the power of AI and Machine learning

Deflect calls from your call centre, get the right answer fast and be available 24/7. From chatbots to facial recognition, we have it covered.

  • AI powered chatbot available 24/7
  • Biometric login and validation
  • Smart workflows to guide customer integration to backend systems to access relevant information
  • Easy signup flows to remove barriers
Telcogenie app - AI Chatbot - telecom self-care solution by Marino Software
“I want the right answer fast!”

Put the power in the hands of your customer 

Support them to resolve their own issues, manage their own billing and account preferences with the reassurance that help is only a click away.

Drive down customer support costs and allow your customer care team to focus on higher value interactions.

  • Billing & Plan management tools
  • Self porting 
  • Analytics driven insights
  • Smart collections workflow
Telcogenie Billing screen - telecom self-care solution by Marino Software
“I want the power to do it myself!”

Powerful modules - your way

Our self-care platform meets the needs of operators today and also prepares them for the future

AI Powered Chatbot

Smart Dashboard

Billing and Plan Management

Smart Collections Tool

Self Porting

SIM ordering

Biometric Security

Self Signup

Push Notifications


NPS and Satisfaction Surveys

Payment Options

Know your customer and AML tools


Gamification Tools

Customer segmentation and personalisation

Marino Software team members

Our integrations team are ready to help

We work with your existing partners to ensure a smooth integration so you can realise the benefits of our platform quickly.

We have experience with CRM & Billing system integrations that allow us to hit the ground running and provide ongoing support.

"We needed a trusted partner who could not only deliver on front end experience but had the skills to integrate to our billing systems".
Hamish White - General Manager iDmobile Ireland
Integration partners - Salesforice, Opennet, Matrixx Software

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