Software Development Jobs at Marino

Software Development Jobs at Marino

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Mid-level Frontend Developer

Permanent, full time
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Senior iOS Developer

Permanent, full time
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Senior Android Developer

Permanent, full time
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Mid-level Android Developer

Permanent, full time
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Senior Full Stack Developer

Permanent, full time
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Marino is headquartered in Dublin and has a smaller office in Limerick. We also support remote employees and can directly employ staff in Ireland and the UK.

During the Covid-19 pandemic we will continue to work completely remotely until there is government advice that offices may re-open.

Hours and Flexibility

Work is not your life and we support flexible working arrangements so you can make that class, do the school run or walk the dog. Full time employees aim for a 40 hour work week with core hours of 10:30 to 4:30 with alternative arrangements considered on a case by case basis.


We believe that more diverse teams are better to work in and can achieve better results for our customers than less diverse ones. Our team today does not reflect the diversity of the world in which we live or the customers we serve and we are working to address that. We welcome applicants of any background, race or gender identity and we'd especially encourage members of groups that are traditionally underrepresented in software development to apply.


Job descriptions for open positions include an indicative salary range. Pay is reviewed annually and is benchmarked against local salary surveys. Generous benefits including private health insurance for staff and their dependents are provided in addition to salary.


While a Software Engineering or Computer Science related degree may be beneficial we welcome candidates with non-traditional career paths so please don't hesitate to apply if you have switched to software development later in your career, have completed conversion courses, are self taught, have professional certifications or can otherwise demonstrate your capabilities and experience. We also welcome candidates returning to work after maternity leave or after time off to raise your family.

The Hiring Process

Hiring for a software development role at Marino generally consists of 2 interviews and a tech test or demonstration.


You can expect to be interviewed by the relevant team lead and our Software Development Director, but you may also interview with our CEO and others. The interviews are a chance for us to get to know each other better and see if we're a good match. You can expect that some questions will go into technical detail to reveal your level of expertise in certain areas, but we don’t interview in a way that necessitates studying in advance.

Tech Test

The tech test aims to give you a chance to demonstrate how you work and some of your software development skills. You will be given access to a repo containing a project and a list of known issues to work on for between 2 and 4 hours. You will have access to any tools, documentation and anything else you typically use in your day to day coding work, including the web.

Alternatively, you may prefer to demonstrate an existing codebase or part of one developed by you (and which have permission to show) if you feel you can better demonstrate your skills and experience in that way. In this case be prepared to give a short demo and give us access to the code to review, ask questions and nitpick.

Professional Development and Training

We aim to support all our developers' continued professional development. You will have regular one on ones with your team lead to discuss your progress and receive feedback and junior developers will work closely with more senior developers and receive dedicated mentorship where appropriate.

We regularly send developers to industry conferences or training events and can also support you gaining relevant certifications or qualifications including covering costs or providing additional leave for study.

Dev teams organise weekly team tech talks or watch videos together on interesting and relevant topics, and you can expense any books that are relevant to your work.

The Way We Work

Marino Software has a relatively flat hierarchy and provides an open and casual workplace. A lot of team communication (and plenty of socialising) happens in chat and it’s common to interact with many people across the company including people working in different roles or on entirely different projects.

There are 2 kinds of teams at Marino, functional teams and cross functional project teams. Functional teams are composed of people with similar skills (the Android team for example) and provide a consistent, stable environment to share best practices, learn from each other and grow.

Project teams are composed of people from different functional teams and work together building or maintaining a particular product or feature, typically for one of our clients. In general you will remain on the same functional team unless you want to change your specialisation but will move between many project teams over time. We have some demanding clients and we care about delivering quality work but we strive to provide an environment where people can enjoy their work and the company of those they work with.

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