We make sense of the future now.
So you can improve how you create it.

Design Sprints

Research, design and technology are transforming business. In the storms of emerging technology, your business can be deft, nimble, and secure.

We make sense of the future now, so you can improve how you create it. We work where customers and technology intersect, so you can find the through-lines.

We advise — so you can anticipate. We research — so you can be certain. We design — so you can connect. And we build — so you can grow.

We partner to bring you closer to your customers — whatever the technology required. We work with impeccable credentials, bulletproof security, and pride.

We’re technologists who solve people problems. So your business can solve its technology problems wherever people go.

We’re Marino. We do technology.

So you can.

We’re driven by principles.
So you’ll always know what to expect.


Every experience matters and shapes success — we research and design for all.


There’s nothing that can’t be done well — we’re driven by quality in every action.


Every plan you make with us can be executed — we take commitment to another level.


There’s no time we’re not by your side — every step we take is collaborative.


What you see is always what you get with us — our energy and passion are real.


Every technology is open to you — our expertise is always growing and refining.

We offer advantages.
So you can count on competitive edges.


Getting it right doesn’t mean getting it done later. Rapid prototyping, design sprints, agile and waterfall — we use every proven tool to get your process right, and project done.


We’ve secured billions of transactions. We’ve earned a global reputation for bulletproof security — we use every proven tool to protect your customers and your reputation.


Every day brings opportunity when its built on the right foundation. Decisions, processes and products are resilient — we make every step make sense in the future.


Doing great things starts with doing great user research. User testing processes are our secret weapon — we take the guesswork out of planning and designing technology.


Customers online means customers engaged. We’ve made engagement the benchmark of all our work — your customers won’t just interact online, they’ll love it.


Going live on a project is just the beginning. As your customer’s needs evolve, their experience should too — we focus post-launch process on increasing returns.

We’re a world class team.
So you can take the field with confidence.

Keith Davey

Managing Director

Cara Ludlow

Operations Director

Michael Behan

Software Development Director

Eric Daly

Head of Telecoms Strategy

Emma Handley

Lead Project Manager

Ciara Fenton

Lead Project Manager

Pamela Keogh

Senior Project Manager

Garrett Sheridan

Principal UX and Product Designer

Aaron Smith

Principal Software Developer

Dave O'Keeffe

Principal Software Developer

Seamus Cantillon

Principal Software Developer

Dave McNamara

Lead QA Engineer

Conor Garry

Lead Software Developer

Niamh Cantillon

Lead Business Analyst

Mónica González

Marketing Executive

Allan Santos

Senior Software Developer

Bartosz Tyrakowski

Senior Software Developer

Niek Akerboom

Senior Software Developer

Thiago Racca

Senior Software Developer

Tim Colla

Senior Software Developer

Andrés Castillo

Senior Software Developer

Jakub Cywinski

Senior Software Developer

Juan Jesús Cilla

Senior Software Developer

Phil Martin

Senior Software Developer

Patricia Herrero

Senior UX and Product Designer

Vidhya Rathinavel

Senior QA Engineer

Adam Geraghty

Software Developer

Derek Foley

Software Developer

Eoin Emerhi

Software Developer

Joey Tierney

Software Developer

Michael Clonan

Software Developer

Pedro Ferreira

Software Developer

Sachin Shah

Software Developer

Sergio Rivas

Software Developer

Andrew Waller

QA Engineer

Kenan Zunic

QA Engineer

Priyanka Misal

Solutions Architect

Srishti Kakkar

Solutions Architect

Jo López

UX and Product Designer

Laura Fay

UX and Product Designer
Marino Software team

Come and grow with us.

We have a fun work culture and an experienced team—and we care about our work, about each other, and about the world.

We’re mostly based in Dublin, with views across the city. Right outside there’s a huge redwood tree with a family of squirrels.

If keeping the squirrels company isn’t for you, we have a production office in Limerick—and lots of remote working options.

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