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Trends on the
Future of Public Mobility

We explore emergent passenger needs and the societal and technological trends impacting the changing mobility landscape.

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Trends on The Future of Public Mobility Whitepaper

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Champion of Change section - Trends on The Future of Public Mobility Whitepaper

Champion of Change

The future of mobility might not necessarily mean vast vehicle innovations but integrating a change of paradigm on how citizens use, pay, and share mobility.

There are many ongoing changes we wish public providers will champion. Embracing a mindset change regarding healthier habits like active travel and a greater environmental awareness will lead to a safer and cleaner way of moving that takes care of the environment and its riders.

We are also experiencing a switch from an ownership to an access model, with Mobility as a Service at its core. Many ride-sharing services are emerging and people are not as interested in owning their own vehicle as they are in convenience. Hybrid work and a move towards rural areas will also inevitably affect travel patterns and passenger needs.

On top of that, pushing to bridge the gap on accessibility, social inclusion and working towards a universal basic mobility model will help riders favour public mobility over private.

On-Demand, Flexible & Autonomous - Trends on The Future of Public Mobility Whitepaper

On-Demand, Flexible & Autonomous

Mobility is all about efficiency in reaching the user’s destination, not about established routes, train lines or timetables, so the winners in this space will be those who understand and address the need for flexibility.

Public transport has the opportunity to learn from current mobility trends and reverse the declining ridership it is experiencing. With the rise of micromobility services and on-demand and modular services, adapting mobility to passenger real-time needs is only meant to grow.

Autonomous vehicles are already being gradually incorporated into public transport solutions and are meant to play a vital role on providing more responsive, better connected mobility for all.

Big Data & Passenger Experience - Trends on The Future of Public Mobility Whitepaper

Big Data & Passenger Experience

Paying close attention to data can help uncover many innovation opportunities. Technological companies are realising of the value of using the data available to improve and disrupt the mobility landscape. Data can also help encourage new habits through gamification and offer in-context travel assistance.

Public providers need to catch up with private, more innovative providers and the partnership between them will greatly accelerate innovation and ultimately benefit the passenger experience, which has plenty of room to keep improving with the rise of multipurpose travel spaces, a focus on a more social travel experience and public participation on network planning.

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