Design Sprint

How to solve big problems and validate your business proposition in only 4 days

Design Sprints

What is a Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint is a practical method for answering critical business questions while de-risking your projects.

What are Design Sprints for?

Sprints are not just for product development - its flexible process can be adapted to validate any challenge or assumption.

  • A time-constrained design thinking process
  • A way of reducing risk before bringing your product to market
  • A process for helping your team define goals and work together to achieve them
  • Quickly go from a big idea or question to a testable prototype
  • Solve a challenging problem and feedback from customers
  • Investigate and validate a solution to your idea

Fast-forward into the future while strengthening your team

A Design Sprint Workshop In Dublin, Ireland

Validate Product / Market fit

Avoid costly feature & product development mistakes by quickly validating potential market fit.

Instead of building and launching a minimal product to gauge if an idea is a hit with your target audience, you’ll get clear data and insights from a realistic prototype, tested with real customers.

Get Buy-in and Alignment

Avoid decision-making deadlock and make rapid progress that often takes months of meetings. Achieve buy-in and alignment across your departments.

Working together, your cross-functional team can circumvent endless debates and compress months of meetings into just 2 days of their time. We will take care of the rest.

A Design Sprint Workshop in Dublin, Ireland

The Design Sprint Week


Map & Sketch

Map and sketching ideas exercise

We uncover the important questions as a team. The Sprint Master maps out the problem and chooses the most important place to focus. As a team we sketch multiple solutions.



UX Workshop decision making as a team

We use structured decision making processes to decide which ideas to test and then create a storyboard which will become the blueprint for a prototype.



Designer prototyping

Our team of experienced prototyping experts creates a high-fidelity prototype aimed at bringing the key experiences you want to test with real customers to life.



User testing with real customers

We test your prototype with real customers. It’s like fast-forwarding into the future to see your finished product and customer reactions, before making any expensive commitments.

“The big idea of the sprint is to take a cross-functional team, clear the schedule and rapidly progress from problem to tested solution.”  — Jake Knapp

What do you get?

  • Collaborative online workspace
  • Experienced facilitators
  • A high fidelity prototype
  • Moderated remote user testing of your prototype with five current or potential customers
  • Assistance with recruiting and scheduling test participants
  • A report to share with your team and project stakeholders

Try out a Remote Design Sprint

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Why run a Sprint with us?

We're trained by Jake Knapp - the Sprint Master himself

Your Design Sprint is facilitated by experienced designers who have trained with the creator of Design Sprints, Jake Knapp, we will guide you through the entire process so you can focus on solving your important problems and challenges.

"From the Design Sprint to the latest round of user testing, it's been great working with you all at Marino"

- Niamh O'Hara (Aspen Grove) on Design Sprints

Marino Software designers with Jake Knapp, the original Sprint masterUX Sketches and sticky notes

We're experts on Remote Collaboration

We use robust online collaboration tools that recreate the face-to-face workshop experience. Your team can work visually, use sticky notes and collaborate seamlessly.

They will be able to discuss their ideas and vote on the direction the project should go in, from anywhere! This approach also has some additional benefits like creating very clear digital documentation of the entire process.

A remote Design Sprint also opens up new opportunities - we are no longer limited by geographical constraints so it can be easier to get “the right people in the room”.

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