When it Rains it Pours

When Murphy’s stout needed a new approach to taking on the advertising and sponsorship might of Guinness in Ireland, we designed an app smart enough to trigger tokens for free pints in Cork, Ireland during any rain—and smart enough to keep free beer redemptions honest.

When it Rain it Pours (Murphy's) App by Marino Software

The challenge

Heneiken’s Murphy’s Stout brand couldn’t find cut-through against the spending might of Ireland’s Guinness—it needed a completely new way to engage its audience, drinkers in Cork.  

The solution

We partnered with Publicis to conceive and build an app that gave away free beer whenever it rained in Cork City—and could work securely with the POS systems and staff of every bar and pub. 

The impact

Huge publicity and success—including an award nomination at Cannes Media Awards. About 20,000 pints per month were given away each month, with massive engagement.

When Heineken’s Murphy’s Stout brand was struggling to get noticed amidst the huge spend of dominant rival Guinness, we teamed up with Publicis to devise a new way to market beer—give it away!

The “When it rains it pours” campaign revolved around an app we designed and built, which integrated with the Meteorological reports to trigger free beer token when the rain in Cork city hit a certain threshold.
As you might imagine, security was a big issue! Working with no option to train staff, and no common point of sales systems, we devised an animated process that outsmarted screenshot workarounds, and a 5-digit code for participating bars and pubs.

Together these approaches worked a treat—and we helped Murphy’s raise its profile substantially, garber national and international praise, and give away up to 20,000 pints per month.

Oh and over 3 years, some lucky users reclaimed over 500 pints. 
You’re welcome.

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