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The Challenge

Primark came to us with a big challenge: to overhaul their internal comms process.

Primark is an international retailer that offers the latest fashion, beauty and homeware at the best value on the high street. They have over 350 stores and 75,000 employees worldwide.

They needed an effective solution that could allow multiple departments to communicate daily, with hundreds of stores, and in various languages.



“Marino taught us how to approach things differently, think outside the box and consider all perspectives, a really valuable experience that we can now embed in our business”

Ciara Brick, Group Operations Manager, Primark

Problem statement

How do we create an efficient process to allow multiple departments communicate with 350 stores in a number of languages on a daily basis?

Our Action

We facilitated a collaborative workshop with stakeholders from across the business. We focused on personas and journey mapping, identifying pain points and opportunities.

This allowed the team to create concepts and agree features that would have impact for the business.

  • 2-day workshop with senior team from Dublin, UK and France.
  • Based on lean UX format and Design Thinking process.
  • Personas and user outcomes.
  • Journey mapping.
  • Identify, define and validate the problem.
  • Concepts and features.
  • Impact & Effort Assessment.

A Collaborative Process


Design & Discovery Workshop

We developed a 2-day workshop to uncover pain points and opportunities. It was the first time the Primark team had ever experienced this type of collaborative workshop, so on Day 1 we introduced the concepts of Design Thinking and breaking the “business as usual” mindset.

We examined current processes with the team and surfaced top of mind issues which we recorded as “How might we” statements on the wall. We agreed a vision statement, worked through business outcomes that would show success and then created user personas.


Create Design Concepts

The group worked individually to create concepts that would solve the pain points. The concepts and ideas were presented to the rest of the group and everyone got a chance to vote on the most interesting and impactful.

We explored these further, and expanded as a group. We then collated these as a list of concept, process or channel features which we assessed using an Impact vs Effort grid.

The Results

“Wish we could bring more people from the business through something similar”

Ciara Brick, Group Operations Manager, Primark

The workshop allowed the team to create alignment, prioritise and have a set of tasks that could be completed quickly.

  • Clarity on user and business needs.
  • List of quick wins that could have impact.
  • Identified areas where process improvements were needed.
  • A roadmap of system features that could be explored with their IT team.
  • Alignment on what to do next for maximum impact.

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