2020 #Marinophotochallenge

We’ve created a new and fun photo challenge for you all!

2020 #Marinophotochallenge: Photo blog challenge open to all

We’ve put together a list of words open to your own interpretation and we’d like you to show us an image of what each of them suggests to you. The challenge will take place on Vero so we are inviting you to join us there and use #Marinophotochallenge.

After the challenge is over, on May 31st, we will send a Digital Award to all the people who have completed the challenge and we will carry out a raffle of everyone who has 30* photos in total on their Vero profile including our hashtag.  We will make a 250€ donation to a charity of the winner's choice.

*Anyone who has posted 30 #marinophotochallenge photos on Vero by May 30th will go in the raffle, so even if you skipped a day or two but posted enough photos to compensate on a different day. What matters is there should be a total of 30!

This challenge is open to everyone so feel free to share it with others.  

We are looking forward to seeing and sharing your photos and how much diversity and inspiration this challenge will ignite in each and every one of you.

Best of luck to everyone!

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