How Lord of The Rings, Ducks, and Customer Experience kept us sane in 2020

It’s been an unpredictable year for all of us at Marino. Yet while we’ve adapted to a new lifestyle and a different way of working, we’ve also strived to keep each other close. We’ve managed to keep our heads up and achieve great things throughout 2020. And today, we see ourselves as a team who can tackle anything.

How Lord of The Rings, Ducks, and Customer Experience kept us sane in 2020

A year since the lockdown. How has it been for Marino?

Let's take a look back at we’ve achieved in this unprecedented and challenging year...

Growing with our existing clients

New clients, new challenges

2020 within our virtual, remote walls

These included our weekly “Coffee & Learn” sessions which saw us chat about everything from quantum physics to ducks to watching comedy stand ups. We also started our "Mindful Tuesdays" where we practice meditation together and our Chat Buddies initiative with 1:1 confidential chats to help with our employee’s wellbeing.

Who doesn't love ducks!?

Our "Marino Film Scenes" group was born the last few months and we had great fun reenacting movie scenes from films like “Lord of the Rings”, "American Hustle" or "Osage County"... with costumes and make up, of course!

The most epic reenactment of "Lord of the Rings" by "Marino Film Scenes"

Charitable donations

In 2020 we continued to support our communities, contributing to incredible charities such us: the Simon Community, Jigsaw, Irish Youth Foundation, Dyspraxia Ireland, Pieta House, Childline, Safe Ireland, Spanish Association Against Cancer as well as various Dublin hospitals. We also collaborate with MedScan3D to help produce protective equipment for nursing homes in Ireland.

Looking ahead

While continuing to grow Marino and expanding our product and services offerings are high on the priority list for the next 12 months there would be no better present for all of us than enjoying a nice lunch together at Tolka House and remembering the funniest Zoom moments of 2020 over a cuppa, or maybe something stronger!

We enjoyed some "guess the film" standups

As we look ahead to 2021, we’re hopeful for a degree of long-awaited normalcy, and to be more prepared than ever to tackle another bizarre year.

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