On Chatbots, AI, Self Driving Cars and more

This month, Dave McNamara, Senior QA Engineer shares some of his favourite finds from the past few weeks.

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How to Test a Chatbot - Part 3: The Quest for Test Cases

Chatbots are a great way for companies to provide support to their customers. This article is the final instalment of a three-part series that goes through chatbots from a testing perspective.

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Why banks are betting smart money on AI in a bid to stay on top.

How we bank has changed in recent years. This is an interesting article on how it has changed and what may be next.

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How Tesla and Waymo Are Tackling A Major Problem For Self-Driving Cars: Data

Testing via simulators is a great way of carrying out a lot of tests quickly. It will never carry the same importance as testing in real-world conditions though. Here is an article on how the likes of Waymo and Tesla are gathering data in order to achieve the goal of fully autonomous vehicles.

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They’re Listening: A Paranoid Guide to Smart-Speaker Privacy

Smart speakers are really neat (when they understand you). What happens to what we say and how could this data be used?

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