Ciara's Favourite Finds: GDPR, Uncovering gender bias through AI and Blockchain

Welcome to the first edition of 'Favourite Finds'. This month Ciara Fenton, Senior Project Manager, picks out her top five articles from around the web over the last few weeks.

GDPR, Uncovering gender bias through AI and Blockchain

Largest known prime number discovered: Why it matters

Maths was a favourite subject of mine at school so I enjoyed letting my inner maths nerd out again with this.

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Banks Begone: UN’s World Food Programme Builds on Ethereum Blockchain Money Transfers

Finding practical uses of technology that can have such a positive impact on the lives of those in need is always a good read.

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GDPR - A practical guide for developers

While focused on developers, this guide still gives a great summary of what to think about with the upcoming GDPR regulations.

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Using technology to address gender bias in film

You can’t beat some good stats! How Machine learning is being used to assess women’s roles in movies.

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Adobe is Developing Photoshop for Your Voice

For all the good that technological advances can bring (see ‘Banks Begone’ above) there are others that while impressive, can also be a bit scary. The mention of a Data and Society Research Institute out there reviewing these things is somewhat comforting though.

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