Jessica's Favourite finds: iOS helpful articles and Politics of Code Reading List

This month, Jessica Conway, Senior Software Developer, shares some of her favourite finds from the past few weeks.

iOS and politics of code reading list

Model controllers

Sometimes when working on large iOS projects you can end up with the MVC of Model View Controller architecture aligning more with Massive View Controllers. The Swift By Sundell blog this week reminds us that not all controllers need to be controlling a view. He speaks of the benefits of types having clearly defined responsibilities and separating logic out from a model.

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Refactoring large view controllers

For a more in depth look into making massive view controllers not so massive check out Refactoring Large View Controllers. This collection of videos discusses different techniques in refactoring a large view controller. The whole swift talk series is worth exploring, though you need a subscription to access all the videos and code resources.

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Swift syntax highlighter

Also from John Sundell this week he released a syntax highlighter that allows you to generate syntax highlighted images and code samples in HTML from swift code. This will be useful when we want to add code snippets to our blog.

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Ray Wenderlich updated their website

This update makes it easier to find free and new tutorials on iOS and Android. Article/video durations and levels are clearly indicated, search is better and you can keep track of your history.

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Politics of code

As an aside from the technical aspects of coding I came across an exciting reading list on the politics of code from a PHD seminar due to take place at UC Berkeley. Hardware and software shape our lives in many ways that may not always be visible or taken seriously enough. This course proposes “all technology is inherently political” exploring politics and theory from the early years of the web to now. I wish I could do this course!

Course description

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