Marino Software announced as a Kentico Kontent Premium Partner

Marino Software has become the first company in Ireland to be awarded Kentico Kontent Premium Partner status.

Marino Insights Cover Image

Marino Software has achieved  Kentico Kontent Premium partner level, becoming the first company to acquire that level in Ireland and the second company to achieve that recognition in Spain. 

The Premium Partner status recognises Marino as a leader in the implementation of Kentico Kontent, as well as a significant contributor to the platform's ongoing enhancement. 

Kentico Kontent, is a headless CMS (Content Management System) designed to speed up development and empower marketers, allowing business teams to plan, create, and collaborate on content in real time, while giving developers the flexibility to design digital experiences for any channel.

On June 14th, Marino Software will attend Kontent Talks - a partner event organised by Kentico Kontent in London. See you there!

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