Mónica's Favourite Finds on Marketing video and trends, SEO, Design, Voice Search and engaging with your audience

This month, Mónica González, Marketing Executive, shares some of her favourite finds on UX, Marketing and SEO from the past few weeks.

Mónica's Favourite Finds, October 2018

Halloween Design Thinking

Since we are at the end of October, let’s add a bit of a Halloween flavour! This is a lovely example of how design thinking can be used for your everyday life, and not just in software development. It’s a way of providing a solution-based approach to solving problems. Find out how this UX-professional mom helps her daughter brainstorm her Halloween costume. Find out how we use this process and can help you with your project.

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Source: 'Halloween Design Thinking for grumpy children'

How Voice Search Will Affect SEO

Is SEO dead? This is a question that has been going on for some time and the experts' response remains a resounding ‘No’. SEO is being affected by the change in user behaviour, such as the use of voice and home assistants when conducting searches. As we can read below, ComScore estimates that 50% of searches in 2020 will be carried out by voice. Take note of these 7 predictions on How Voice Search Will Change SEO.

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Schrödinger's SEO

SEO might not be dead just yet, but its expected that some of its tactics will be in a better (or worse) place soon.

Say ‘Goodbye’ to including as many links as possible without caring about quality. ‘Rest in peace’ to creating a huge number of pages without paying attention to readability and user experience. ‘Adiós’ to focusing on search engines over people. Find out which tactics belong in the past and which ones you should still pay attention to:

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UX & Marketing - A perfect match

If you are still not aware how important UX is for your company and your marketing please stop reading this and go to speak with a professional, you have been out of touch with reality for a while! Check out why here:

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Source: 'UX-Driven Marketing: What, Why and How'

Lights, Camera, Action!

Ready for the cameras? Does your company look good from a UX and Design point of view? Tubular Insights are predicting that for the next year 80% of online content will come from video.  

The rise in the use of smartphones and social media apps has made video the best way to engage with an audience that demands short, explicit and enjoyable content. Know your audience and be prepared for a new way of communicating with them.   

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