Niek's Favourite Finds: Exploring Android P and More Animations with Less Code

This month, Niek Akerboom, Senior Software Developer, shares some of his favourite finds from the past few weeks.

Exploring Android P and More Animations with Less Code

Exploring Android P: Enhanced Notifications

Android’s latest major update, known as Pie, comes with a bunch of new cool features and enhancements. My personal favourite are the updates done on the Notification APIs. Notifications are no longer there to simply notify you to open a certain app, they also give you options to reply to messages without opening the app itself. Android Pie seems to enhance this experience drastically. The following article contains a quick explanation of the newest additions and how this will affect us developers.

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Effective Kotlin

Many Java programmers are familiar with Joshua Bloch’s amazing book “Effective Java” whose 3rd edition got released at the start of this year. There’s been series of blog posts written by Marcin Moskala (author of Android Development with Kotlin) who goes through the Effective Java book and describes how particular items relate to Kotlin. He’s currently in the process of writing a new book which will be called Effective Kotlin.

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RecyclerView — More Animations with Less Code using Support Library ListAdapter

ListAdapter isn’t particularly a new thing, but this class which was added to Support Library 27.1.0 hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. RecyclerViews are a great way to display all types of lists. What was never so great, in my opinion, was how we developers were supposed to tell our adapter that we updated our list. We’ve all called notifyDataSetChanged knowing that we’re about to redraw items that really don’t need to be redrawn. There are of course methods like notifyItemInserted which will make it more efficient, but keeping track of where exactly this new item was inserted can be quite a pain. Well, update your old adapters to ListAdapters and you no longer have to manually notify your adapter of a changed list, it’s great! The following article briefly explains how to achieve this.

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Android Summit 2018 Playlist

Android Summit is an annual developer conference, not to be confused with Android Developer Summit. Talks of this year’s conference have been uploaded to youtube and can easily be found in this playlist, there’s currently more than 9 hours of interesting presentations. There’s a broad variety of videos to be watched which fall under development, design or testing.

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All the things we’re doing wrong but take for granted: a retrospective glance at Android development

The title of this article pretty much gives away what it is all about. There are some complicated aspects of Android development like state persistence, threads and lifecycles. Is the way that we’ve been dealing with these complications actually the correct way? Last year’s best practice might still work, but is that still the way to do it nowadays?

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