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Big Life Fix: A communication app for Róisín.

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Keep going. Our PTSB app has 90% user penetration.

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Choosy.ie: An innovative price comparison service developed for Independent News & Media.  

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Discovery, Strategy & Innovation Services

Interaction Design

Design is a conversation between people and products. We shape the experience and design each interaction so your users can reach their goals and you can own a successful product that is usable, intuitive, and lovable.

Ergonomic Design - Behaviours & Patterns - Motion Graphics - Animation - Visual Design

Design Systems

As platforms grow, design systems are key to ensure consistency and work efficiently. They bring a cohesive experience across platforms. We create a common visual language through reusable elements and patterns that enable rapid prototyping and a smooth collaboration between teams.

UI Kit - Pattern Library - Design Language - Colors & Typography - Brand Guidelines - Style Guide - Visual Design


We create a visual artefact to communicate your product vision across your team, management or potential investors. Prototyping ideas helps create a shared understanding and a clear definition of how the final product might be. Prototypes will be used to validate your concept, focus on the details and allow for clear feedback.

High Fidelity Prototype - Key Experiences Prototype - MVP Prototype - Proof of Concept - Concept Video - Service Prototypes - Rapid Prototyping

User Testing

We don’t assume everyone understands how products work. We don’t take chances, we put your product in front of real customers to understand their true needs and behaviours. Our findings will feed into the final design and will create a user-centered experience. We also have a proven process in place to carry out usability sessions remotely.

Participant Recruitment - Access to our research panel - Expert Facilitation - Remote User Testing - Documented User Tests - Findings & UX Recommendations Report - Service Prototypes

Lean UX

Inspired by Lean Startup and Agile development, Lean UX is the practice of bringing the true nature of a product to light faster, in a collaborative, cross-functional way.  We work with your team to build a shared understanding of your business goals, your customer and their needs. We prioritise learning over delivery to rapidly build evidence for decisions, ultimately bringing better products to market sooner.

Outcomes Definition - Feature Ideation - ProtoPersona Development - Hypothesis Creation - Assumptions Mapping - Rapid Prototyping / MVP Research


Interactions with technology depend heavily on what we can see, hear, say and touch. Assuming all those senses and abilities are fully enabled at all times creates the potential to ignore the needs of many people.

We don't just design for people with disabilities, we design for inclusivity. Factors like age, cognitive ability, context, and location should all be considered from the very early stages.

We help you be more thoughtful of your customer needs while being compliant with current accessibility regulations.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) - Persona Spectrum Development - Visual Design for Accessibility

Service Design

Service Design improves the experiences of both the user and employee by designing, aligning, and optimizing an organisation’s operations to better support customer journeys. Understand the current service. End to end, holistic view of a service. Imagine the future. Creating prototypes, validating and communicating the vision to the organisation.

Current Service Blueprint - Research - Painpoints - Ideation - Future Service Blueprint - Service Prototypes - Validation - Storytelling

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