The challenge

PTSB is one of Ireland's largest banks and tasked us with creating a world class mobile banking experience with a strong emphasis on future evolution.

The solution

We worked in partnership with PTSB teams to create secure, user friendly banking apps for iOS and Android that lay the groundwork for PTSB becoming Ireland's leading digital bank.

The impact

Customer feedback on the new apps was phenomenal and mobile is now the bank's largest digital channel. We continue to work closely with PTSB on exciting new features.

The face of banking is no longer the branch. Networks of expensive buildings filled with people don't attract or retain customers. Today's banking customers value speed, simplicity and security above all else. PTSB understood that its digital presence needed to rapidly change to meet their customer's demands. In 2015 we began working together to make it happen. Our first project was to deliver world class iOS and Android apps.

PTSB understood how its digital presence needed to move with the times and in 2015, approached us to help them make this happen. The aim? To deliver a world class user-friendly app to reflect PTSB’s online and physical branding.

"Partnering with Marino proved to be both a success and a pleasure. The value to the bank of the final delivery has been exceptional."

Eamon Martin, Online & Mobile Development Manager

The task was anything but small. Together we needed to completely redesign and develop all of the bank’s mobile apps for iOS and Android. Crucial to the brief, was the fact that these apps needed to be able to evolve to suit frequent new updates and banking innovations.

Guaranteeing Data & Security

data and security lock

This large scale project came with complex business requirements and a large consumer user base dependent on the apps for their daily banking needs.

And most importantly, the project involved the strictest data and security requirements so all of our decisions had to factor in security at every level.

With so many complicated aspects and angles at play, we knew this project would require Teamwork – with a capital T.

Our Processes

We know the best results come from collaboration, so our design and engineering team worked closely with the PTSB team including their product manager, business analysts and QA team to define the app structure, user experience, features and user interface design. Together, we also carried out a series of workshops to identify the requirements and product roadmap for the apps.

We utilised agile processes on this project so our design and engineering team worked in tandem on each sprint to solve any new design problems as they emerged.

This also facilitated improvements to be made as the project progressed. For example, early on, we identified efficiency as a key component of customer satisfaction so the UI and UX design was optimised for performance.

Designers and engineers worked together to ensure the UI & UX didn’t put an unnecessary load on the API and server infrastructure to allow optimum performance for a system with a large user base. Each of the platforms’ apps was built as a fully native app by Marino Software with phones and tablets being supported for each.

The app currently has excellent ratings in the stores and we’ve been delighted with customer reviews praising the user-friendly design. We are currently working on the next phase, so watch this space…

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