iD Mobile App by Marino Software

The challenge

A network in its infancy, full billing system integration, complex regulatory environment, changing customer needs, 24/7 direct technical support—this project had it all.

The solution

A high-level plan set a roadmap that covered developing a portal, self-care architecture, user testing and billing integration.

The impact

The solutions hit the market in time, with a 97% customer registration rate for the new portal. iDMobile adapted features to suit customer needs.

iDMobile was entering the complex mobile telecoms industry, and needed a self-care portal with billing integration.

As the network launch date was defined by the EU, the main challenge was creating a self care front end while waiting on availability of backend systems and functionality. As launch date approached and mobile network infrastructure was still arriving, we planned a road map to frame advancement in the complexity.

The roadmap included designing, developing and deploying a mobile-friendly customer portal for soft launch (1 month prior with friends & family before the official launch). We continuously developed and deployed as features became available, and gained insights for refinement through user testing.

We planned for chatbot integration and automation tools, and crucial integration into billing systems to retrieve customer information. We worked with the billing partner MVNECO (German based company) to define self-care architecture and relevant APIs required, and facilitated a workshop in Dusseldorf to focus billing system integration.

Designer working on the iD Mobile app interface (UX/UI)

"We needed a trusted partner who could not only deliver in front-end experience but had the skills to integrate into our billing systems. That’s why we chose Marino".

Hamish White, General Manager—iDmobile Ireland

We met roadbumps on the roadmap with solutions, so when prepaid customers actually wanted a quicker, easier way to topup and get their allowance, we worked with iD to allow customers to activate a new plan triggered by the topup amount. Then we worked with the teams in Ireland and the UK and the Verifone team to set up online topups—a channel which then outperformed store channels within 30 days.

Ultimately we achieved the go-live date, with 97% of customers registered for the portal. It catered for a mix of subscription types, allowing customers to check their allowances and change on a 30-day period, bill-pay customers to check their bill, and customers to buy add-ons.

iD Mobile user flow

When curveballs hit around regulatory changes in EU roaming allowances and pricing, or the need to expand to reach mobile broadband customers, or the need to support iDMobile’s contact centre—we were there to help.

We provided 24/7 direct support to iDMobile’s technical teams in Dublin, and remote support to their customer contact centre. Despite a range of client-side challenges, we worked closely with iDMobile until they went into liquidation in March 2018.

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