National Lottery

Partnering with Ireland’s National Lottery to grow online play and mobile access with zero downtime. 

National Lottery App by Marino Software

The challenge

Lottery can be intense! Jackpots and rollovers were driving traffic spikes that regularly brought down the website—and there were no analytics available.

The solution

We completely rebuilt the National Lottery server and website infrastructure to handle load. After a solid couple of years we rebuilt the site to emphasise online play—then built an iPhone app and SOAP-based web service, which also became the results conduit for RTÉ and other third parties. 

The impact

Over 8 years managing National Lottery website and mobile systems—a time of massive growth in online access—we secured zero downtime. Online play grew significantly, and mobile access now constitutes the majority of traffic. 

Marino was the primary developer for the website and apps of the Irish National Lottery for 8 years. In that time we stabilized the site during high load times, implemented a complete overhaul of the website—including a new analytics system—and created their first app.

Project scope included:

When we started, the National Lottery website was not fit for purpose, and regularly endured periods of downtime during high load. We identified the critical factor as the ability to survive high load instances that only last a very short time.

These traffic spikes were very much dependent on jackpot amounts and rollovers. National Lottery had no available analytics with which to plan.
We built and developed a new site and a new server infrastructure, which was launched in mid-2007. After two years of impeccable security as a foundation, in 2009 National Lottery made a big decision to rebuild its website for a greater emphasis on online play.

The massive complexity around systems and security made this a job requiring stamina and obsession with detail—after a year of considered system design, the website launched. To this day it’s experienced zero downtime.

In early 2009 the National Lottery requested an iPhone app, to reach customers where they spent most time. Building the app meant building a SOAP-based web service to serve the results—the service’s strength saw it become the results conduit for RTÉ and other third parties.

We grew traffic substantially over our 6 years with National Lottery. We’re proud that we engineered the whole system to experience absolute zero downtime, and grew mobile access to become a majority of customer interaction.

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