Discovery & Product Strategy

Understanding your business, focusing on your customer and creating alignment with your team will allow you to accelerate your business plans, turn pain points into opportunities, deliver exceptional customer experience and have an real impact on revenue and costs.

Discovery & Product Strategy Services
Product Acceleration
User research
Innovation StrategyService DesignDesign Sprint
Discovery & Strategy Workshop
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From pain points to opportunities.

Helping them create an efficient product to allow multiple departments communicate with 350 stores in a number of languages on a daily basis.

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Future of Coach travel.

Exploring how to innovate and accelerate changes to their service using digital channels.

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Design Sprint

Using a four day Design Sprint to build cross-functional team alignment and rapidly evaluate a new product offering with target customers.

Product Acceleration

The need to rapidly innovate has never been greater. We help organizations accelerate their innovation efforts and systematically solve challenges with proven, ready-to-run project and workshop experiences grounded in the principles of human-centred design.

Value proposition
Business Model
Persona development
Journey mapping
Opportunity Analysis
Understanding the landscape
Success criteria
Customer Validation

User research

To create a successful product you first need a deep understanding of people’s motivations and behaviours. We uncover the problems your customers face and get an understanding of their mental models. We turn design insights into design inspiration to come up with meaningful ideas and solutions. We translate the user’s needs and mental models to create products that feel intuitive.

User interviews
Contextual Enquiry
Card sorting
Synthesis & Insights
Usability Testing

Innovation Strategy

Technology is moving at a fast pace, understanding how you leverage and future proof your product will help you stay ahead of the competition and increase your revenue. Systematically finding unmet customer needs and developing novel solutions.

Market & Industry Research
Technology trends
Future forecasting
Customer insights
Roadmap timeline
Strategy Definition

Service Design

Service design improves the experiences of both the user and employee by designing, aligning, and optimizing an organization’s operations to better support customer journeys. Understand the current service. End to end, holistic view of a service. Imagine the future. Creating prototypes, validating and communicating the vision to the organisation.

Current service blueprint
Opportunity analysis
Future Service Blueprint
Service Prototypes

Design Sprint

Answer critical business questions while de-risking your projects.

Focus on a specific problem and get clear data and insights from a realistic prototype, tested with real customers.

Working together, your cross-functional team can circumvent endless debates and compress months of meetings into just 2 days of their time. We will take care of the rest.

Facilitated workshops
High Fidelity Prototype
validation with real customers
Team alignment
Clear direction on your strategy
Customer/Market Fit
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