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Since the launch of the App store in 2008, we have become the leading iOS App Developer in Ireland on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV. Our award winning apps have been downloaded tens of million of times. From your app strategy to launch on the App Store and beyond your app project is in safe hands.

Our iOS App Developers

Our iOS App Developer Team

We have a team of experienced iOS app developers focused solely on crafting native iOS applications. With this experience comes a deep knowledge of iOS and the entire Apple ecosystem and a proven ability to continually deliver successful iOS apps to our customers. We care deeply about the products we create and this drives us to continually learn and understand more about the operating system and devices we build for. From low level system underpinnings to the latest user facing features and interaction idioms our iOS app development team has the expertise to ensure your app can deliver on your business goals while delighting your customers."

To bring the best experience to your users your app needs to adhere to the highest technical standards as well as meeting user needs. Our app developers work with our UX & Product Design team to ensure that your app is effective, efficient and satisfying.

What we do

Security & Biometrics

iOS provides unrivalled security to keep your users safe.

Customer Satisfaction

iOS Apps take advantage of Apple's powerful hardware providing a superior experience.

Leverage Apple’s Reputation for Quality

Apple's app store has a strict approval process. Having a presence in the App store assures your customers that your apps are of a high quality.


When it comes to monetisation of Apps, Apple is King. Apple users are more likely to pay for an app and spend more on apps than Android users.

Device Ecosystem

Your users expect a seamless experience with your brand. To cater for this we build apps for Apple's suite of devices including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Augmented Reality with ARKit

ARKit is the biggest AR platform in the world. It blends digital objects and information with the environment around you, taking apps beyond the screen. It allows your users to interact with the real world in completely new ways. Our expertise in iOS allows us to develop rich augmented reality experiences for iOS devices.

Why Develop for iOS?

iOS is considered by many to be the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. iOS ships with powerful functionality that our app developers can leverage to create incredible experiences for your customers.

  • Leverage the power of machine learning with Core ML to make your apps more intelligent.
  • Create engaging augmented reality experiences with ARKit
  • Utilise multitasking features like drag and drop on iPad.
  • Use SiriKit to allow your app to work hands free with Siri.

Why Choose Marino as Your App Development Partner?

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