Integration and Cloud Services

Marino has been deploying on cloud infrastructure for over a decade so whether you’re beginning a digital transformation journey or looking to  get the most out of advanced cloud features and modern architectures,  our cloud architects and developers have the experience to guide you.

Integration and Cloud Services Services
Amazon Web Services
Discovery & Strategy Workshop
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Developing iheed’s online learning platform.

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We partnered with Independent News & Media to deliver, a utility price comparison service.

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A functioning self-care portal ready to integrate a mobile app, billing, chatbot integration, and automation tools—all resulting in a 97% customer registration rate.

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Amazon Web Services

Marino is a registered AWS partner so whether you’re thinking about migrating existing infrastructure to the cloud, starting a new project or looking to unlock advanced cloud services, our team of certified and accredited AWS professionals are ready to guide you.

Modernisation and cloud migrations
Infrastructure as code
Machine Learning
Image Classification
Machine Learning


If you want to focus your resources on the features that make a difference for your customers instead of maintaining a server infrastructure a serverless architecture might be right for you. With Marino’s serverless architecture on AWS you can delegate server management the cloud, enjoy infinite scalability and only pay for the compute you absolutely need.

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